Erbil – an ancient city on the old Silk Road

Erbil is maybe the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It was born during the early Mesopotamian civilizations, around 10.000 years ago.

The old Kurdish name for Erbil, Haller, means city where the sun still worshipped. The sun still is the central spot on the Kurdish flag. As an important city on the former Silk Road it connected Europa with the Chinese Empire. The Citadel in Erbil has been occupied for 5.000 years as a fortress and inner city, and has always been an important trading post and multicultural melting pot. Currently it is under restoring as a UNESCO World Heritage. Although it is under construction I was allowed to went in.

After that I enjoyed Chai and a long walk trough the famous old Basar of Erbil which is just in opposite to the Citadel and I’m sharing some of my pictures.


And this is my final picture – on my way back to Frankfurt!


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