Wiedervereinigung: vor 30 Jahren Deutschland – Korea hofft noch!

Heute feiern wir in Deutschland 30 Jahre Wiedervereinigung – unsere Partner in Korea haben das damals als großes Hoffnungszeichen empfunden, aber sie warten bis heute darauf! Dazu ein Interview mit Lutz Drescher, der viele Jahre in Korea gelebt hat und die Initiativen zur Wiedervereinigung auf der koreanischen Halbinsel bis heute engagiert begleitet.

Wiederaufbauhilfe | Reconstruction Aid Near East School of Theology – Beirut

Nachdem weltweit die Hilfe für das zerstörte Beirut angelaufen ist, wurden heute 15.000 Euro aus Ökumenemitteln der EKHN als Wiederaufbauhilfe für die Near East School of Theology in Beirut freigegeben und zu weiteren Spenden aufgerufen.

After the worldwide aid for the destroyed Beirut has started, 15.000 Euro from ecumenical funds of the EKHN were released today as reconstruction aid for the Near East School of Theology in Beirut and called for further donations.

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Empowerment of Women – UTC Bangalore

On my last day in India – nearly two weeks back now – I could visit the United Theological College (UTC) in Bangalore meeting the Principal Vasantha Rao and being part of the ceremony “Turning the Sod” for the new women’s research center. This new project is very much supported by the Baden Church (EKiBa), the Association of Mission Societies Hamburg (EMW) and my own Church.

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Peace between the religious communities

Since the communal riots in the Old City of Hyderabad 1990 and 1992 with hundreds of killed men and women Henry Martyn Institute is working for peace and reconciliation between people of different faiths and cultures. Always when I’m coming to the Institute and have the chance to visit their projects I’m deeply touched by the commitment of the Hindu and Muslim ladies working together in the Amman Shanti Community Centers. „Peace between the religious communities“ weiterlesen

Farewell to Bishop Daniel

After 12 years of Bishopric Bishop Daniel is going to be retired in July next month. During these days he came for a last official visit as Bishop of the Diocese of East Kerala (Church of South India) to EKHN (Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau). Since more than 30 years we have a deep partnership relation with his Diocese. Yesterday I had the chance to honor him and his wife Betty in a farewell service in the village of Wenings in the Deanery Büdinger Land. „Farewell to Bishop Daniel“ weiterlesen