On my way to Kapstadt and Stellenbosch

Further steps towards internationalisation in Stellenbosch, South Africa
(Stuttgart, 01 December 2016) The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) is holding its General Meeting outside Germany for the first time and is making thereby a further step towards its internationalisation. … read more …

The General Meeting comprises the 51 delegates from churches in East Asia, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, Africa as well as churches and associations in Germany and Switzerland. It takes place on 6 to 9 December in Stellenbosch, South Africa. All decisions have been reached within the EMS by international bodies since 2012. Therefore, EMS shows that mission today means a world-wide network of Christians striving together for the best of their societies.
The keynote speech will be held by Dr. Frank Chikane, prominent Evangelical theologian in the resistance against the apartheid regime and later Director General of the Presidency of South Africa under Mbeki. Together with him, the delegates of the EMS wish to discuss the public responsibility of churches. All EMS members must react to the fact that people migrate to their countries and that especially young people leave their countries. Everywhere, fundamentalist ideas are threatening the coexistence of people belonging to different religions, in Ghana as well as in India, Lebanon, Jordan and Indonesia just as much as in Germany.
Before the General Meeting, the delegates will visit parishes and social projects run by the hosting Moravian Church of South Africa. This church is itself multi-ethnic: wide spread Xhosa-speaking parishes in the East Cape region have joined together with Afrikaans-speaking parishes in the West Cape region to form a church. The language of communication is English – a foreign language for most of the parish members.

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