20 Years Presbyterian Church of Ghana Frankfurt Congregation

This weekend we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Frankfurt Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG). My Church – EKHN – is in a long Partnership with the PCG – more than 40 years now.

A vibrant, colourful Service with lot of music, singing, clapping hands and an inspiring message of Rev. Emmanuel B. Djieagu is the highlight of today. It was in 1998 when Rev. Djieagu and myself worked together in the Amt für Mission Ökumene. He was the Ecumenical Coworker of the PCG and I served as the Secertary Mission and Ecumenical Relations in Oberhessen. I remember very well when he founded this congregation. 20 years later I‘m really happy to meet him again in this jubilee service.

Rev. Emmanuel B. Djieagu

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