Beirut – a city struggling with the past

I arrived Sunday late afternoon in the busy capitol of Lebanon. I’m staying in the Near East School of Theology in the Hamra Area of Beirut near to the Mediterranean Sea opposite to the huge area of AUB – the American University of Beirut. These days in Beirut are a mixture between holidays and keeping contacts to EKHN partners in Lebanon.

The pastors program is now running since 4 weeks and they all are very excited. They are learning a lot about the different Christian Communities and traditions in Lebanon and about Islam. Sometimes they struggling with stomach problems. Yesterday I had a long walk with my wife in Beirut down to the Blue Mosque and along the seashore. Between new high buildings you will find restored once as well as houses which still show the signs of the civil war. It’s a developing city struggling with the past but full of hope for the future. The pictures can give you an expression on that.

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