EMS Finance Committee and Treasurer Conference

After the one day meeting of the EMS (Evangelical Mission in Solidarity) Finance Committee we are now in the second day of the EMS Treasurer Conference in Bali. Representative of the Finance Departments of the EMS member churches are present.

First impressions from the surroundings:

Today we started our second day of the Treasurer Consultation. The following themes are on our agenda in these days: Best Practice for Fundraising Success | Ethical and Sustainable Financial Management | Micro Finance | Increase of Programme and Project support.

We have the chance to discuss this topics with experts from different Finance Departments of the African, Asian and German member churches of EMS, with experts from „Evangelische Bank“ and from „Pax-Bank“ and with experts from the Micro Credit sector.

The vision of EMS was formulated by Rudolf Bausch as the finance administrator of EMS:

  • Securing financial sustainability beyond 2020
  • Introducing an internationally operating fundraising ex-change
  • Enhancing ethical and sustainable financial investments
  • Support and improvement of Micro Finance Lending Schemes
  • Increase the Programme and Project support in an international ex-change
  • Outlining fields of sharing of resources
  • Defining a network for support in emergencies and crises

Impressions from the Opening Service and Sessions



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