Good for Body and Soul

Yesterday our last of 6 pilgrimage days ended and we are again a bit further on the Way of St. James from Speyer (Germany) to Le Puy (France).

About 120 km on the Way of St. James through the Bourgogne lie behind us: from Authoison via Maizières, Gy, Marnay, Thernay, Gredisans to just before St-Jean-de-Losne. As a group, we have grown together over the years and use the time we spend together to exchange ideas with each other, talk collegially and discuss developments in the church, society and politics. We don’t always agree and sometimes the debates are very controversial. Once a day we celebrate a church service with communion prepared by retired Provost Michael Karg. We enjoy the nature, the good food in the region and the wine. We are happy about the sun and sometimes the rain. We sleep in Auberges and in the monastery. We meet again and again wounderful hosts. Some stages are exhausting, but the exercise does me good and at the end of the day my body feels better. Next year we want to go further. We have already arranged the date.

Some impressions from our way

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