Goodbye to the Minahasa

In our last two days in the Minahasa we had some experiences in local congregations. 

On Bunaken Island we participated in the celebration of 62 years of the Wilayah (presbytery) Bunaken. For this special occasion they provided a camp for members of every age. Children beside young people, their parents and grant parents – all came together for singing, Bible reflection, workshops and leisure time.

In one of the churches on Bunaken we could see how far inculturation can go: the pulpit has the form of a boot. People living on islands a very much dependent on boots – for fishing, for transport and for daily income.

On our last evening before our well fare party we had the chance to attend in small groups a Kolum meeting. I went with Mr. Blessington to a village in the rural area. Around 25 people belong to that small Kolum, a neighborhood of about 7 families. A congregation exists of about to 20 to 25 Kolums. A minimum of once a week all the family members come together for a prayer and small service. They eat together and discuss matters of the neighborhood. Sometimes they are meeting on several evenings during the week if there are birthdays to celebrate or urgent matters. This Kolum system gives strength to the congregations and the whole of the Church. It is unique in GMIM.

Leaving to Singapore we will miss the wonderful people of GMIM, the great hospitality, unforgettable sunsets, beautiful views and absolutely delicious food. Thanks to Church President Hain Arina, the members of the Synod Board, the staff and all who worked hard on our program and also to our partners from India and Korea who agreed to join our fellowship.

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