Trondenes Church – back to medieval times

Yesterday on our Vesterålen tour we visited the Trondenes Church. It is the northernmost medieval stone church of Norway and the world’s northernmost surviving medieval building.
The place is an old „Thingstätte“ from the time of the Vikings and the first small church was built around 1.000 ac. The present church building was completed shortly after 1434. Still the old entrance door and the baptismal font are from that old times.


The altar in the middle is the oldest altar, from 1460. Here you can see the Virgin Mary with the Child as the main figure, surrounded by her female relatives. This dominance of women in an altarpiece is probably unique. On the left Anna (Mary’s mother) with Mary and child, and at her feet the two daughters of Anna. On the right probably Maria’s grandmother Susanna with Anna and her sister Esmaria.

In the beginnen we had a short liturgy held by the pastor of the church – a reading from the scripture, our father, hymn and blessing.

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