A place propagating Peace

On our 4th day to the north we had a short break in the city of Bodø. It was totally destroyed on 27th of May 1940 by a bombardment of the German Air Force. Also the old wooden church of Bodø which gave seats to 1.100 people was destroyed.

The new construction of the Protestant Lutheran Church began 1954. Many citizens supported the construction with their own money and working capacity. The architecture was not traditionally but very modern at that time and followed the school of the so called “Functionalism”. Not all people of Bodø liked the new stile. It was opened on 14th October 1956 and again 1.100 people could find a place in the church.

After the experience of the terrible Second World War it should become a sign for peace. The Glas windows show the closeness to the people of the region which mainly worked as fishermen’s or in jobs related to the fishing industry.

The rosette picks up colors of the polar light and  the window glass – the main artistic work – combines the Ascension of Christ on the top with motives fishermen on the bottom of the window glass.

The two silver candlesticks on the altar are the only parts which could be rescued from the old church after the bombardment. Till today they the visitors to keep peace.

A real place of silence and thoughtfulness.

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