Back to Delhi

Early morning at 2 am I arrived in Delhi. From tomorrow on I will attend the General Synod of the Church of North India. Today is a free day and … 

… I enjoyed walking through the City and especially the area of Connaught Place. I love walking around looking at the people and the street views although sometimes it is a little bit stress in this area because everyone wants to know where I‘m coming from and wants to bring me to „the most cheapest“ or „attractive place“ around. When it became to much I went to Starbucks to have some Chai Latte.

Shit always happens twice :-)) !

When I came for the first time to India in 1995 I also walked through Delhi and suddenly a shoeshine boy hold my arm and asked me to look on my shoes. Ok – someone had thrown cow shit on my left shoe! He made quite a good profit out of that and I‘m sure it was a colleague of him who did it. Today the same happened again but only with a little bit of shit. I got angry and cleaned it by myself with paper. In the evening I went to a shoeshine man near to the place where I‘m staying. My shoes have never been so polished like today.

And here some more impressions of the day:

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