Church of North India (CNI) partners meeting

For the international guests the 16th Meeting of the Synod of the CNI started with a partners meeting.

(Left to right: General Secretary Alwan Masih, Moderator Bishop Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Deputy Moderator  Bishop Dr. P.C.Singh, Treasurer Prem Masih)

More than 40 representatives from churches and church councils from all over the world were present. A very interesting time of sharing our different experiences with our friends and partners in CNI. Some are supporting mainly development projects, some have exchange programs of personnel, some are lobbying when it’s coming to human rights violation, some are evolved in Dalit solidarity actions, other support theological education or are engaged in educational and medical work. The representatives of CNI gave us a very clear profile of CNI: a church giving visible signs of unity, a growing church, being involved in mission and evangelization activities, staying with the poor and oppressed, struggling for justice, peace and human rights in a caste dominated society!
Also clear words in the opening worship service:
“Reach out to those who face extreme poverty and sufferings due to displacements in the name of development;
Reach out to those who are denied their basic human rights and the freedom of expression and profession of their faith, ideals and beliefs;
Reach out to those who have been abused, violated and threatened because of their gender or the community they belong to.”

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