Eleven days on the sailing boat „Baleia“

After eleven days living on Baleia – the sailing boat of a good friend of mine- I only can give great respect to him as the skipper! I learned a lot about sailing and often it’s hard work on a slippery deck …

Using the wind although it’s not coming from the right direction, preparing the boot for sailing, finding the right place for the anchor, watching that there is always enough water depth, not to use too much of the drinking water and the energy. Struggling with the people of the Marina when getting a free slot and the possibility to get fresh water for the tanks, energy to reload the battery’s for light and the cooling systems and finally Diesel for the engine in the case there is no wind and you have to travel. If the boat is on anchor you have to prepare the small boat to go on land. There is only very rare space on a boat and every small space is used so that every small things his his own place. But when the work is done you enjoy the evening shower in the see, swimming and snorkeling, the sun, the silent and expanse of the Caribbean See, unbelievable Sunsets and Sunrises and wonderful starry sky. And by the way I met people whom I wouldn’t have without traveling on a sailing boat: sailors who are from all places of the world and sometimes since more than one year traveling, fisherman, Cubans working in the Marinas and in Cayo Largo we had the great experience of becoming part of a big party of Cubans who are working in the hotels and shops on the island. They celebrated 35 years of Cayo Largo tourism. And their party started at midnight at the end of their work in the hotels and shops.

Some impressions from the last days.

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