Trinidad – the Charm of an old city full of music

After coming back from the sailing trip and arriving in the Marina of Cienfuegos I had one day left before going back to Havana tacking the flight back home. We hired an old Cuban car for a one day trip to Trinidad. …
Trinidad is a small town, located on the south coast of Cuba, near the midpoint of the island. It is one of the oldest towns in Cuba, with a history dating back more than 500 years. The town is very well preserved, with mostly original architecture, tight, winding streets, paved with cobblestones, and a picturesque surrounding of hills, valleys and farms. Bartolomeo de la Casas came to this place converting the local people – the dark side of the European history of the conquista and slavery! Slaves were brought here to work in the sugar plantations and sugar canes. Today the city is breathing the rhythm of Cuban Son, Salsa and Jazz. Walking through the city on every public place, out of restaurants and even private homes you can listen to the different rhythms and enjoy life.

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