Farewell to Bishop Dr. Dyvasirvadam and his wife Ramani

After a long common journey together in our partnership with Krishna Godavari Diocese we gave a farewell to Bishop Dyvasirvadam and his wife Ramani! It’s their  last visit to EKHN before retiring in March next year.

I know Bishop Dyva – as his friends call him – since 20 years now. A wonderful common partnership journey! We became to know each other when he was elected as General Secretary of the Church of South India (CSI) in 1998 and we continued our common journey when he became Bishop of our partner diocese Krishna Godavari and later on also the Moderator of the Church of South India. A powerful Bishop who is doing a lot for the development of the Christian Community especially in the fields of education and healthcare. Together with his wife Ramani they initiated the girl child program of CSI. Ramani is the secretary of the women’s fellowship of Krishna Godavari Diocese and for several years also the head of the CSI women’s fellowship. Bishop Dyva represented his Church on several national and international boards including the World Council of Churches.

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