Sucess Stories

Yesterday we could visit one of the programs which is supported by EMS. It is a project run by CSI SEVA and it supports victims of gender based violence.

We travelled around one hour to a city called Vandalur which is south-west of Chennai. In different places CSI SEVA is providing crucial aid to survivors of gender-based and sexual violence. Through targeted psychological training and sustainable livelihood support they are empowering women and their families to earn sufficient income by their own and getting back their strength and dignity. We met women who learned sewing and started small tailoring or embroidery businesses. One family opened a small street stall selling homemade cooked food in the evening. An old woman earns a little income by selling flowers. Over the years the project was growing and hundreds of women and their families profited of it. The local CSI congregation is in touch with the women and supporting their business. The woman behind is a lady who one’s herself has taken part in such a program and was a beneficiary of the support by CSI SEVA. Now she is a model for other women to encourage them to make their own steps in life.  

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